Tiger Tales

Tiger Tales

John Hawkins joins Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck on the eve of the PGA Championship to riff on how Woods has (and hasn’t) evolved through the years. 

Previewing the PGA

Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck go deep on the charm and challenge of Southern Hills and relive its previous major championships, highlighted by Tiger Woods’s inspired play at the ’07 PGA.

Fire Drill

Show Me The Money

This is a chaotic moment in professional golf. For this Fire Drill podcast, Alan Shipnuck and Michael Bamberger brought in the Jerry Maguire of PGA Tour agents, Mac Barnhardt, to help make sense of the shifting landscape. Mac brought decades’ worth of insight.



From the events of Jan. 6 to Phil Mickelson’s WD, the 2022 PGA has been defined by controversy. The major protagonists have one thing in common: the Saudis

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