The Club Pro Crisis – Part 2: “Work/Life Imbalance”

Hosted by Matt Ginella

In part 2 of a Fire Pit podcast series on the “Club Pro Crisis,” Matt Ginella gets into how and why Shane Ryan’s article in Golf Digest (May, 2022) highlighted issues of a work/life imbalance, money and awareness. In short, club pros and PGA Professionals are taken for granted.

You’ll hear from Shane Ryan, Butch Harmon, Chandler Withington, Rick Rielly, Cody Sinkler and several other voices who share their thoughts on Ryan’s impactful article. And the podcast starts to address how Covid only exacerbated an already dire situation.

ICYMI: Part 1 of the podcast series provides context as to why Matt Ginella felt compelled to apologize to club pros and PGA Professionals and produce this series of podcasts in an attempt to help their cause:

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