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Like the routing of a golf course, the story of Bandon Dunes, the evolution of a pure golf destination along the remote coastline of Oregon, doglegs in several directions and over a variety of undulations. The constants have been Mike Keiser, the owner, Kemper Sports, the management company, loyal employees, of which there are countless, minimalist architects, of which there have been several, and then there’s Mick Peters, the local barber, who, along with his son Mike, have been the first to be first and then second off at every new course at the resort. This goes back to May, 1999, when Mick and Mike were first off Bandon Dunes, the first course, designed by David McLay Kidd.  And on June 1, 2020, on what Keiser says will be the last addition of golf to arguably the best pure golf destination in the world, Mick and Mike Peters are first and second to the first tee for the last time. Meet the Barber of Bandon. 

For more on Bandon Dunes listen to The Fire Pit Podcast. 

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