Robert Garrigus

The Grind Podcast: Robert Garrigus

Hosted by Ryan French

Robert is known for his unfiltered, blunt honesty. In this episode he calls players out, talks LIV Golf and PGA TOUR leadership, tells wild stories, and discusses the future of the professional game with host Ryan French.

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4 thoughts on “Robert Garrigus Unplugged”

  1. Love Rob Garri………………..thank u Ryan & Fire Pit. Honesty…….imagine that. Top 10 interview of this year.
    PGA Tour members should be kissing LIV’s a$$. As Rob Garri says ……”100 fucking percent”.
    Alan, write a book with this guy. I’ll pre-order now :))).

  2. Man, did someone at the Fire Pit hire Ryan French out of pity? He continues to be one of the most abrasive, profane, unprofessional interviewers to be found on the internet. In the Garrigus conversation, he continues to insist that the PGA Tour do nothing but tell the “stories” of players around the cut line. Why? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HE’S INTERESTED IN. (If you don’t know, French’s claim to fame is a Twitter account dedicated Monday qualifying.) Sorry, but there are dozens of golf websites out there so the real question is: why aren’t THOSE writers telling the “stories” of guys who hover around the cut line? Simple answer: because NOBODY CARES. And while I’m no prude and bark out my share of profanity, as a broadcaster shouldn’t French display at least SOME respect for his audience? Just because you can get away with one F-bomb after another doesn’t mean that there are more than a few teenage golfers checking in. Do you really want some middle-aged hack spewing filth at YOUR kids? Didn’t think so.

    Garrigus, of course, is both a joke and a has-been. Pushing 45 years old, the winner of a single Tour event actually spoke of winning this fall and “getting into the Masters.” Same guy who admitted missing six or seven straight cuts earlier this year. Most ridiculous was his support of The Saudi Golf Tour (same outfit who told him to take a hike) and his attacks on Billy Horschel, an actual winner who simply has the courage to speak his mind about LIV. And honesty is what we want from professional golfers…..right, Ryan?

  3. One more thing. Ludicrous, really, was the Garrigus’ attempt to speak out of both sides of his mouth. On one side, he’s extolling the glorious challenge of trying to make a cut on the PGA Tour. It was suggested that Friday’s TV coverage totally ignore the leaders and focus upon the plight of those who desperately need to make the cut. Well, okay, but the journeyman pro then started to laude the wonders of exclusive, “no cut” events, simply LOVING the fact that with no cut, a golfer can “let loose” rather than worry about the pressure of actually beating the competition. While most golf fans appreciate those who can perform when the pressure is greatest, Garrigus takes the opposite tack: wishing that there was No Pressure At All. Thus the vast majority of the public’s complete disinterest in The Saudi Golf Tour: it doesn’t matter how they play or whether the golfers can deal with the pressure. Why…..? BECAUSE THEY’VE ALREADY BEEN PAID.

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