On the Eve of the U.S. Open

By Michael Bamberger

This essay about the National Open connects all the dots, from Francis Ouimet to Herb Wind, JFK to John Updike, Curtis Strange to Dom DiMaggio, Fenway to Arnie. Enjoy this little journey leading up to the 122nd U.S. Open at The Country Club.

6 thoughts on “On the Eve of the U.S. Open”

  1. Michael,

    Well done. Your essay on the eve of the National Open hit all the right spots. Reminds me of Costas, Jimmy someone on ABC or NBC. I’m thinking of 3 or 4 others but sadly can’t remember their names. I love that you and Alan are back together and wish you both all the success in the world with The Fire Pit Collective. Will keep tuning in. Ken

  2. The only writer left who keeps alive the memory of Herb Wind, and who still says ‘Big Jack’. Everyone’s dumbing down but Michael reminds us of a more elegant age. Mark Oliver (Manchester, England)

  3. The BEST 5 minutes spent on the computer this year. Brought back some good memories of time spent in New England back in the early 70’s and how pure the game was years ago. Most players packed their clubs,,,,,,,rounds UNDER 4 hours. Keep up the good work.

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