Need a 4th?! Ep. 3 with Michael Murphy

Co-hosted by Alan Shipnuck, Geoff Ogilvy and Michael Bamberger

In this episode, Alan Shipnuck, Geoff Ogilvy and Michael Bamberger sit and listen in awe as Michael Murphy, the wildly alert 90-something writer, takes over the show. 

Michael Murphy is the man who invented golf’s most original player-philosopher, Shivas Irons, from his landmark novel/treatise, “Golf in the Kingdom.” Ogilvy, who has read the book innumerable times, looks like he is talking to a golfing god as he listens to Murphy. Shipnuck and Bamberger, who once had the privilege of walking the Pebble Beach dunes with Murphy, ask Murphy about Woods and Hogan and why the game has such a hold on us, and explore why his slender book captures more about the game’s complex beauty than any other golfing treatise ever written. Murphy is an utter inspiration and he is spellbinding in this podcast. Need a good listen? Allow us to offer, “Need A 4th?!”

Brought to you by ECCO Golf.

Trey Wingo
Joel Dahmen

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2 thoughts on ““Need A 4th?!” Ep. 3 with Michael Murphy”

  1. Wow. Hoping I look as good as Mr. Murphy when I’m 92. I’ve heard him speak many times at SIS events. There’s a mystical way about him. May have to drag GITK off the shelf for another re-read in honor of 50 years.

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