Need a 4th?! Ep.2 with Trey Wingo

Co-hosted by Alan Shipnuck, Geoff Ogilvy and Michael Bamberger

Every NFL fan knows Trey Wingo, the excitable host and commentator on various TV and radio shows dedicated to the real national pastime. But Wingo is just as fanatical about golf, and he displays his knowledge and passion in this conversation with co-hosts Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck. Wingo recounts how he fell for the game, spars with the hosts over his favorite courses and offers insight on the most golf-crazy players and coaches around the NFL.

Brought to you by ECCO Golf.

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2 thoughts on ““Need A 4th?!” Ep. 2 with Trey Wingo”

  1. This is from a big fan of the FPC. A few reactions:

    In your Ecco commercial Birkenstocks were slightly disrespected. These were one of the first “shoes” to be designed for what is good for feet rather than for appearance. I have been wearing them since the 1970’s. As a 50+ year runner, I do attribute zero foot pain to all of years they have been supporting my feet, even if Arnie didn’t like them!

    Needed to google to learn who your guest was. Consider more of an intro when your guest is not of the golf world.

    Favorite part of this edition: Alan and Michael discussing pro athletes and their relationship with golf. I especially loved Michael sharing Tom Watson’s comment on the range. Even those of us who been golfers for over 60 years think we know the game but not in any way like the way pros do. Watson’s comment, although a bit harsh, says a lot.

    Thanks for all the great written and spoken words from the FPC!

  2. Much of the FPC discussion of LIV concludes with the observation that the PGA Tour should tolerate LIV and negotiate a way for the two tours to operate simultaneously. This strikes me as a false premise. I have yet to read anything that suggests that LIV has any interest in operating its events as secondary or off-season options. While one might contend that business realities would require LIV to strike such a deal, it has been repeatedly stated that LIV is not seeking to operate a functional business.

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