There are many ways to describe Maggie Hathaway—singer, songwriter, actress, author, activist—but one term covers it all: game-changer. Born in Louisiana, Hathaway chased her dreams in Hollywood. She has been gone since 2001, but her impact lives on through the game she loved, at the Maggie Hathaway Golf Course in South Los Angeles. This humble par-3 course is 11 miles and a world away from Los Angeles Country Club, but last week they were linked through the USGA, which made a $1 million donation to kickstart a renovation project that will take Maggie Hathaway to a level its namesake never could have imagined.

“If she were here today, she’d think it was outstanding,” says Marguerite Waddy, Hathaway’s friend and a former employee at the golf course dating back to the 1990’s. “But she’d also say, ‘We need to do some work around here. Let’s do some improvements.’ ”

Here at the Fire Pit Collective, we wanted to spotlight the course the locals call “Maggie” as this new era begins.

The $18 million renovation is being supported by the Southern California Golf Association, LACC, Los Angeles County, Colin Morikawa and several private donors. Gil Hanse, who also renovated and restored all 36 holes at LACC, will do the work to the Maggie course and complex. This is all part of the FORE Youth project, which was launched by LACC, USGA and the SCGA to ensure that the impact of hosting a U.S. Open is felt in Los Angeles for generations to come.

Maggie Hathaway would be proud and excited for kids, women and the spirit of equality she fought for throughout a life like no other. 

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