Fire Pit Podcast

A Wild One at the Open

The latest Fire Drill podcast goes deep on a thrilling third round: Geoff Ogilvy revels in the windy challenge; Alan Shipnuck hails Rory’s grit; Ryan French celebrates the louder crowd; and Michael Bamberger discusses Jeff Maggert’s sex life. 

Opening Salvos At The Open

In this instant-reaction Fire Drill podcast following the first round of the Open, Ryan French revels in the qualifiers on the leaderboard while Geoff Ogilvy goes deep on the setup. Alan Shipnuck & Michael Bamberger chime in on Rory and the subdued crowd.

Phil Faces The Music

U.S. Open week began with lingering business: Phil Mickelson facing the free press. In this Fire Drill podcast, Alan Shipnuck and Michael Bamberger discuss Mickelson’s performance, his legacy, and where he goes from here. 

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