Unsung Heroes: Lazaro Flores

By Matt Ginella

A superintendent is selfless. Their day starts at night, the night often ends their day.

As for Lazaro Flores, who was born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, his path across the border and into the heart and soul of his community is one worth recognition and celebration.

In this episode of a Fire Pit feature, you’ll get to know Flores’ story of determination, dedication, loyalty and community as he became a citizen of the United States and the superintendent of Goat Hill Park, a mini-municipal golf course in Oceanside, Ca.

You’ll also hear from Rafael Barahas, who’s one of ten Hispanic Certified Superintendents in the United States, and he’s the only Hispanic to have served as president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. Like Barahas and so many other immigrants, Flores’ gateway into the workforce was using his hands to get ahead. But it’s his boots that have roots.

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