The Lost Art of Stewarding the Land | Kauai – Part 3

Matt Ginella and the Fire Pit Collective crew visited Kauai to immerse themselves in the culture and community of the oldest and northernmost Hawaiian island – and it continues at Princeville, a golf course that serves one of the world’s most sustainable communities on the North shore of Kauai near Hanalei.

We played five of the nine golf courses, sampled generational recipes, paddled a canoe, farmed our food and had a chance encounter with a Hall of Famer. “Kauai has this deep aloha and a deep caring for all things,” says Hualani Duncan, sales manager of the Ocean Course at Hokuala. “Come as a guest and you’ll be hosted as an ohana.” Which is to say: family. On this trip, we were educated on why sustainability matters and why a hyper-focus on the preservation of natural resources is critical to the island’s future. The main message was “malama ‘aina,” which means: Take care of the land, and it takes care of you. But on Kauai, it doesn’t stop with the land; the people also take care of one another. A concept the Hawaiians refer to as “Mālama Kauai.”

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