JP McManus Pro-Am

JP McManus Pro-Am: The Inner Sanctum

with Matt Ginella, Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck

In the latest Fire Drill, Matt Ginella checks in from Ireland, having just competed in golf’s most exclusive event, the JP McManus Pro-Am. With Michael Bamberger & Alan Shipnuck, they bring to life the scene at Adare Manor and tense reunion of LIV and Tour players.

7 thoughts on “JP McManus Pro-Am: The Inner Sanctum”

  1. Great podcast very enjoyable listen. If players want to go to LIV so be it but most of these players have made north of 50 or 60 million dollars in their careers so to hear they need this to earn a living is nonsense. It’s 100% a chance at easy money and greed and it’s their right to take it but call it what it is enough with best for my family or growing golf.

    1. Ever hear of Seve Ballesteros? He was banished from the PGA Tour by Dean Beman in 1986. Why? Because he did not fill the requirement of playing 15 events a year on Tour. That is the essence of what we are dealing with now. Educate yourself.

      1. I think most golf fans have heard of Seve. As you allege, he was “banished” because he failed to play the minimum number of tournaments, meaning he failed to abide by Tour regulations. Same goes for the Saudi players who want to “play less to spend more time with their families” yet are trying to play BOTH tours. They failed to abide by PGA Tour regulations when they played the London Saudi despite being denied releases.

        Just another case of certain people thinking rules or laws don’t apply to them.

    2. Kevin RoyalDGC/LahinchGC-EIRE

      Serious Texas wedge Putt Day 2 on 12 Minella from below the green. Birdie Putt from McCloughlin was travelling, DJ was a Gent signing autographs + taking photos, Sbarbaro smashes it! Guinness was mint… I hope you play some proper east/west coast links before you fly out!

  2. Love your work, but the pod felt like a LIV fluff piece… Isn’t there a real chance the DP and PGA are irreparably harmed in all of this, thus reducing the number of opportunities and paychecks available to golfers as a whole? Also, your comparison of an NBA player being able to test their value via free agency rings hollow when the NBA is the premier league in the world (as the PGA was) and there are caps on individual and team salaries… I would argue that guys like Graeme realized this value/earning potential when they moved to the PGA from whatever tour they were on (as purses, endorsement dollars, etc. should have all increased with the transition). Hard to tell anyone they shouldn’t have the right to earn more money, but it feels like these guys could be killing off the golden gooses (which provided them with wild riches) on their way out, thus harming the next generation of golfers. Is there really enough money to go around once PGA sponsors start falling by the wayside?

    1. I agree with jgonzo. Sounds like Matt went over there and REALLY drank the LIV koolaid. Through a firehose.

      I keep hearing people say “it’s complicated.” Is it though? Is this good for golf and sustainable long term? No. Were the vast majority of players ever going to care about this in light of getting paid a boatload of cash? No.

  3. Excellent piece Allan and Michael.
    Graeme McDowell was loved in Golf now he’s taking heat for his greed, he made $40 million without endorsements now he wants our love because he jumped for more money.
    Jumping for more cash is not growing the game of Golf.
    McDowell took the money over his legacy in Golf, have Matt Ginella contact me I’ll explain it to him, pick a side Matt, Graeme did.

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