Journeys: Park to Park

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0.1 WP9 | Winter Park, FL

If life is about connecting dots, one adventure to the next, then it’s game on. The Ginella family is moving west, from Orlando to San Diego. The Journey started with my last Friday skins game at Winter Park 9, where we had 49 players at $40 each. Three skins went out and we gave away a lot of Linksoul apparel. Much more to come as we stop at Gus Wortham in Houston, Old Brack in San Antonio, Lion’s Muny in Austin, Mountain Shadows in Scottsdale and we end it at the new beginning—Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, CA. 

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0.2 Gus Wortham | Houston, TX

We made it to Houston and our second skins game in our park to park, coast to coast adventure. Gus Wortham is yet another example of how and why a little investment into a municipal golf course has a positive impact on a community who benefits from a “park” mentality. Cheers to Houston Golf Association and Baxter Spann for jobs well done.

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0.3 Old Brack | San Antonio, TX

Skins game No. 3 on our park to park, coast to coast trip, was at Brackenridge Park, an A.W. Tillinghast design. I have always been a fan of Old Brack’s elevated greens, beautiful bunkering, so much history, perfect amount of quirk, walkability, accessibility and at a $52 weekday green fee, the affordability.

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0.4 Lions Muny | Austin, TX

I can’t say this often enough or loud enough: SAVE MUNY! ‬The efforts of Ben Crenshaw, Scotty Sayers, the Muny Conservancy, the Austin community and so many more is pure inspiration for what’s right about golf and preserving green space. Lots of Lion’s royalty in attendance with Scotty Sayers, Ray Benson, Tim Gaestel, Billy Clagett, Cary Petri and young Henry Cardwell in the mix.

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0.5 Mountain Shadows | Scottsdale, AZ

The fifth skins game on our coast to coast adventure was at Mountain Shadows, the par-3 course that was recently renovated and revamped as part of golf’s great pivots into less long and hard to more of short and fun. Mountain Shadows is like lowering the rim a little so more people can dunk. Special guests included Paige Spiranac and Parker McLachlin. More par-3s, please.

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0.6 Goat Hill Park | Oceanside, CA

Made it! Seven days, six skins games and 2,700 miles, we went from Winter Park to Goat Hill Park with stops at Gus Wortham, Old Brack Lions Muny, and Mountain Shadows. The Goat was the end of this adventure, but it’s also the Ginella’s beginning to a new life, production company and coast. As we made our way across the country, we made a lot of new friends and caught up with some old ones. Thanks to all for coming out and showing us so much community hospitality. We couldn’t have made this trip and passed out so many gifts without the support from BMW Golfsport, Bagboy Golf, Linksoul and TRUE Linkswear.

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