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The Golf Man: Barry Grimes

We’re back at The Fire Pit dropping a podcast, which always feels good. We’ve been busy interviewing and editing season 2, which will start going live in a few weeks. Among other things, you’ll be hearing tributes to Charlie Sifford, Tony Gwynn and longtime colleague and friend, Tim Rosaforte. We’ll also be hearing from Jack Nicklaus, Nancy Lopez, Arnold Palmer and Lanny Wadkins on a $4-check from Ben Hogan.

In the meantime, we’re supporting our friends at Linksoul as they honor and celebrate the life of Barry Grimes, John Ashworth’s co-creator of the Ashworth brand. Grimes, 61, died of brain cancer in 2020. He is survived by his wife Kristin and his two sons, Paul and Charlie.

Ashworth changed the golf apparel industry forever, not only in the look and feel of the clothes, but also the look and feel of the imagery and marketing around the brand. And that, in large part, was because of Barry Grimes.

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Ashworth and Geoff Cunningham  the co-creator of Linksoul  and you’ll hear from Fred Couples, Jim Nantz and John Cook, three of the original Ashworth ambassadors.

After some setup and  stories about Grimes’ artistry, impact and famous photo shoots, you’ll get a chance to help his family by buying a shirt.

We appreciate your support.

–Matt Ginella

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