Who is the Fire Pit Collective?

Our team gathered at our new offices in Oceanside to meet, greet, play golf, drink some Dogleg brew and light the fire on our future.

The Fire Pit Collective is a team of storytellers with a variety of tools and perspectives who are dedicated to their craft and a camaraderie that’s conducive to effective efficiency at various lengths and across multiple platforms. We find great narratives and produce them in a way in which you, the consumer, can read, watch and listen. For too long, the traditional linear outlets have killed the cow and only distributed the filet. They’ve sold the content and partnerships and under-delivered on the eyeballs. We’ve identified that gap and those inefficiencies and cherry-picked the best in a variety of verticals. During U.S. Open week at Torrey Pines, as the golf world descended upon San Diego, our team gathered to meet, greet, play some golf, drink some Dogleg brew, brainstorm ideas and light the fire pit of our future. If you’re ever in Oceanside, stop in and say hello. You won’t leave thirsty.

1 thought on “Who is the Fire Pit Collective?”

  1. Hello Matty G.! Wow!! Love “Firepit Collective”. Great ideas, TEAM, and of course the ‘Dogleg! This ole East Tennessee boy loves a good dogleg! Especially now, during this pandemic; WE have all been effected one way or another! Hope to catch-up with you guys some day? Am 69, son 39, have been playing together now for 30+ years! Wowza, how time flies when you’re having fun! Hope to catch your podcast soon; just like your buddy in M.B.,S.C..When you or your group is in E.Tn., look me up! I’ll show you the tourist capital of the South! Plus we may not have doglegs; BUT we will have Tony Vergos brew from Knoxville,Tn.. Wow!! You’ll love it.. Till then, ole bird dog signing off, “See ya on the 1st tee!” David R. Hall e-mail [email protected]

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