Peter Ginsberg

Fire Drill 037: Opening Salvo with Peter Ginsberg

Matt Ginella and Alan Shipnuck

On Tuesday, the PGA Tour won the first of many legal battles versus LIV Golf. Alan Shipnuck was in the courtroom for all of the drama. In this Fire Drill podcast, he discusses the developments with Matt Ginella and Peter Ginsberg, a preeminent sports lawyer who has often dealt with the Tour.

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2 thoughts on “Fire Drill: Opening Salvo with Peter Ginsberg”

  1. Excellent coverage. Your legal expert, Peter Ginsberg, was illuminating (sorry to say that his audio was sometimes a bit garbled). I understand how you are all being careful not to be hyperbolic, but as a lover of golf, this decision seems pretty darn wonderful to me! I really cannot imagine how the tone of this week’s event would have been affected had the 3 “LIVers” shown up. Thanks for the great coverage…

  2. While the consensus on this podcast is that this is a very complicated legal issue, I really believe that if the Tour does not overreach by conspiring (or even appearing to conspire) with the Majors, the Ryder Cup, and with golf vendors to shut down participation with the LIV tour and with LIV golfers, it should be on very solid ground. It’s all very basic: the PGA Tour has rules governing its players. One of those rules precludes the players from competing in outside tours without prior permission. I don’t see how this rule could be considered monopolistic, and I think Judge Freeman’s decision on the TRO confirms that point. However, if the Tour puts pressure on entities outside its control (the Majors, the Ryder Cup, golf vendors) to discourage cooperation with LIV, it will be playing with fire. In truth, some of Monahan’s rhetoric has been quite reckless in that regard. I think LIV’s biggest problem will be with the World Ranking System, which the Tour has no control over. To me that is the key to LIV’s survival. If it expects to succeed it will have to conform to the requirements of the World Ranking System. Finally, there is one last piece to this puzzle: the Tour controls the President’s Cup and if it does not consider LIV golfers for the two competing teams that will be an anti-trust problem for them. In an earlier podcast on this website Davis Love, U.S. President’s Cup captain indicated he would not pick LIV golfers because of team chemistry problems. That comment may come back to haunt Davis (and the Tour) in the upcoming litigation.

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