Fire Drill 063: Homa Conquers and an Arborist is Born in Dubai

Hosted by Alan Shipnuck, Michael Bamberger and Ryan French

In this week’s Fire Drill: Ryan French, Alan Shipnuck and Michael Bamberger discuss yet another Patrick Reed controversy, Max Homa’s win at Torrey Pines, the next LIV deflector, the return of Anthony Kim and much more!  

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Howard French. 

Fire Drill

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1 thought on “Fire Drill 063: Homa Conquers and an Arborist is Born in Dubai”

  1. Thank you as always, gentlemen!

    Re the legal case: If players should be able to play wherever they want, then players should be able to play on the LIV tour when they wish. Shouldn’t there be reciprocity or nothing?

    Do people still use libraries?! I’m a member of my city’s amazing public library and pay hundreds of dollars to be a member of a private library as well. Last night I was picking up books from the former, and every seat was occupied in every room. Come on, esteemed writers — investigate!

    And Ryan, I’m really glad you didn’t miss this one. Not least because I’d like to contradict your statement, “I’m not the greatest wordsmith.” Modesty and self-deprecation are positives. But you sounded 100% sincere. I read everything you write on this site. With pleasure. And think about it afterward as well.

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