Fire Drill 070: Debating the Golf Ball Rollback

With Geoff Ogilvy, Alan Shipnuck, Michael Bamberger and Matt Ginella

Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Bamberger, Alan Shipnuck and Matt Ginella all have different perspectives on the USGA’s proposed golf ball rollback so we convened a Fire Drill podcast to hash out all the talking points and help guide fans through a complex issue. 

Golf Ball Rollback

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3 thoughts on “Fire Drill 070: Debating the Golf Ball Rollback”

  1. Team FPC – We enjoyed the pod as usual. Full of entertaining humor and insight. Thank you!

    I was disheartened however to hear Geoff, whose considered offerings are always appreciated, use the term “woke” in a seemingly pejorative fashion. One had assumed (hoped?) he is enlightened enough to not fall for such obvious and divisive dog-whistle messaging — and to this point, that the FPC (to paraphrase Micheal Jordan) is savvy enough to realize that “Democrats love golf too.” Just one man’s grumble, so take it as you will!

    Keep up the great work. Y’all are a thoughtful island in a golf podverse full of knee jerk “hot takes”.

  2. I was immediately intrigued by the suggestion that letting fairway grass grow a bit longer would limit roll. Has the idea been studied? Tested? It seems to make sense as part of a broad-based plan that would be used at the majors and some tour events where guys are making courses into drive-pitch-putt contests.

  3. Agree with Doug above about the divisive use of “woke” during the podcast. The opposite of woke is asleep, which many Americans seem to prefer when it comes to understanding our nation’s history.

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