Davis Love III

Fire Drill 036: The Voice of the Establishment

with Davis Love III, Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck

In the latest Fire Drill podcast, U.S. Presidents Cup captain Davis Love III goes deep on his support for the PGA Tour, his contentious history with Greg Norman, his melancholy over Mickelson’s heel turn and much more. Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck ask the questions you want answered.

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4 thoughts on “Fire Drill: The Voice of the Establishment, Davis Love III”

  1. This was my first golf podcast experience. What a terrific session…the best update on the crisis in the game available. All of this is because of having Davis and asking all of the right questions. Bravo and thanks!

  2. Look forward to the part where Micheal and Alan and Davis address the fake narrative that being in business with Saudi Arabia is a bad thing. They’re our government’s biggest client and Biden just went there to sell them 300 billions worth of missiles. The LPGA’s biggest sponsor is Aramco, the Saudi gov owned gas company. I’m sure the hypocrisy of this fake storyline will be discussed at length. Oh wait, guess not

  3. This interview with Davis Love is quite revealing. He’s articulate and very straightforward. You know where he stands re. LIV and why. In particular I was intrigued with the history lesson he gave about the top golfers of the 1990s meeting in Arnie’s office and being read the riot act about Shark’s proposed world tour. This anecdote really sheds light on Shark and some of his possible motivations and intentions. Clearly he sees LIV as a vehicle to re-create his earlier dream of a world tour of the world’s top 50 golfers. If he can pull this off, he basically turns the PGA Tour into a new, higher level Korn Ferry Tour.

    I personally find this whole issue very dramatic and very intriguing. I would love to see one of the gifted writers of Fire Pit do a deep dive into Shark and the waters he inhabits (he seems like an extraordinary entrepreneur and a fearless fighter) and go into detail about the meeting in Arnie’s office that Davis refers to in this podcast. I’ve googled about that meeting and pretty much come up empty. It seems like fertile ground for an enterprising golf journalist.

    Thanks for considering this idea.

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