Fire Drill 088: Gambler – An EXCLUSIVE Excerpt from Billy Walters’s New Autobiography

With Alan Shipnuck and Matt Ginella

In this Fire Drill podcast, Alan Shipnuck and Matt Ginella go deep on the first, hotly anticipated excerpt from Billy Walters’s “Gambler.” What do the revelations of Phil’s reckless betting say about him? Has his legacy been altered?

2 thoughts on “Fire Drill 088: Gambler – An EXCLUSIVE Excerpt from Billy Walters’s New Autobiography”

  1. As a lifelong fan of the PGA Tour I am appalled at Phil’s partnership with a convicted felon. If Phil was willing to bet big on the Ryder Cup, how many times did he bet on weekly PGA events? We will probably never know. It would appear that Phil’s partnership with Walters was quite out in the open. Why didn’t Tour management intervene and tell Phil to cut his ties with Walters and stop the out of control gambling? Other sports leagues closely monitor the unseemly habits of their players. Why didn’t Phil’s family members, agents, or lawyers force an intervention with Phil. Yes, Phil’s conduct is appalling, but the real villain here is the people who run the PGA. Why did they cast a blind eye at Phil’s addiction? Alan, I would hope that you would do a full journalistic investigation into the negligence of the PGA Tour administration.

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