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Fire Drill 081: US Open Preview with a Zing

With Alan Shipnuck and Michael Bamberger

From the 10th fairway of L.A. North, Alan Shipnuck, Mike Bamberger and surprise guest Paul Azinger discuss the wondrous host course, the feeling of this Open and the continued PGA Tour-LIV intrigue

2 thoughts on “Fire Drill 081: US Open Preview with a Zing”

  1. Very disappointing podcast. It’s less a preview of the Open and the LA North Course and more a review of the LIV/PGA crap along with a lot of pointless chatter about basically nothingness. After this mess, do you really expect Firepit readers to sit through another podcast??? However, Bamberger did make one really good point – the majors are more important than ever because they transcend the tiresome LIV/PGA controversy. A helpful hint for your podcasts: please give us more Bamberger and less Shipnuck. Shipnuck’s ego is out of control. Alan, we know you are the worldwide expert on LIV. Try to dial it back. Another hint: more substance and less chitchat. Thanks

  2. Yes chit chat won’t sell. Why not ask Mr. Azinger about tour players who are loose with the rules or blatant cheaters. That would make for an entertaining insiht. For instance does he know anyone who ever whiffed a tap-in (with the intent of making a stroke) and wasn’t assessed a stroke?

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