Fire Drill 056: Fathers and Sons

Hosted by Alan Shipnuck, Michael Bamberger and Ryan French

In the latest Fire Drill Podcast, Alan Shipnuck, Ryan French, and Michael Bamberger are joined by Matt Ginella to discuss the multiple sides of Vijay Singh, the dad version of Tiger, the overblown coverage of Charlie Woods, the future of the OWGR and much more!

Fire Drill

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2 thoughts on “Fire Drill 056: Fathers and Sons”

  1. So enjoyed this week’s four way Fire Drill. You have become very quickly in my world what Alan described as Maltbie’s place in his head…wonderful warm moderate voices thoughtfully expressing stuff worth listening to, while als0, I hope, influencing influential hearts, minds, and the men in blazers who care about the game around the world. Thank you.

  2. Very very disappointed to hear Matt’s prejudiced story about Vijay and the photographer. Let us all give the benefit of doubt and assume that the story is 100 % accurate. Vijay was wrong to treat a journalist like that. No questions. Let me make a few points : dark skinned people do not like to be told about the color of clothes that will make them look better. We think that it is an racist comment. I understand the photographer was trying to do the best job possible, but Vijay is not the person who cares about it. I have watched Vijay for decades and he is probably the 5 worst dresser on tour just based on the color of his attire.
    I will even agree on how Matt has such a low opinion about Vijay and he cannot forgive him for that incident.
    Let us move on the subsequent discussion about Tiger and Charlie and the the amazing father son side of the story. You all have to talk highly about Tiger. He is singularly responsible for making the entire industry (including Journalists) 100 times richer. There is no doubt he is a GOAT (15,82) But as a father ????
    Did u all forget about the scandals and the mud thru which he dragged his then wife, daughter and CHARLIE.
    What kind of hypocrite you have to be, to shower all the praises on Tiger while you diss Vijay for one incident. Forget the scandals for a minute, how irresponsible Tiger was driving under influence and almost killed himself. He only got caught twice and would have NEVER taken the wheel under influence if Charlie was in the car ….right.
    Back to treating others with respect, as a journalist how many stories have to heard about Tiger treating people poorly. The time when he asked to split the check while having lunch with the Navy seals he was training. Is that far worse than the Vijay’s incident.
    Sorry cheating is old story, deer antler spray is the latest. Do you all even remember the amount of drugs that were in Tiger’s blood sample when he was found unresponsive at the traffic stop. That incident and the reckless driving could have potentially KILLED people. There is no need to bring it up while talking about Tiger….right? Let us just talk about Vijay’s visor.
    There has never been a story written about Vijay without mentioning the cheating incident. Even if he was guilty of that, do you want someone to read about it EVERY single time . Why not cover the Father Son angle while bringing up the way he treated Charlie’s Mom.
    I respect Tiger, he amazes people, he is GOAT. But please be fair as a journalist.
    Alan and Michael tried to bring out the good side of Vijay couple of times but Matt would not budge. he had to go keep going back to the photographer incident.
    Michael , you are one of the BEST.
    Alan, i went to school in El Paso and i have been your biggest fan since reading your book on Rich Beem .
    Matt, I am terribly disappointed. Try writing every Tiger story mentioning the scandals and the accidents. You will be out of a job. But when it comes to Vijay why bring up the negative incidents EVERY single time. SHAME on you.

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