Fire Drill 046: Down the Middle with James Hahn

Hosted by Alan Shipnuck

James Hahn

In this podcast, Alan Shipnuck is joined by James Hahn, a golf unicorn: a Tour member who makes supportive statements about LIV Golf. Hahn talks Tour politics, Monahan’s future, his “price” to go  LIV and much more in this candid conversation.

Fire Drill

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5 thoughts on “Fire Drill 046: Down the Middle with James Hahn”

  1. Very interesting reporting, Alan. Thanks. It is great to hear a new perspective. Two points for James:

    1) no sure why James refers to MBS as “his excellency.” A man who would have a journalist murdered and chopped into little pieces does not merit such a title. Consider “his heinousness” or “his despicableness” or “scary mfer.”

    2) at minute 24:13 James sa]ys he doesn’t see MBS raising gas prices because he might be annoyed by Phil. Perhaps James is not up on current events but by reducing production in the last week or so, MBS has raised prices without needing to be pissed at Phil. This supports Russia’s war and hurts the US in big ways.

    I appreciate James’ candor but am not impressed with his obsequiousness toward MBS and his naive geopolitical statements.

    1. 1) I think you should start educating yourself on the atrocities of the US government.
      2) Why does MBS have to do what the US wants? MBS is going to do what benefits his country, just like what the US do.

      1. “I think you should start educating yourself on the atrocities of the US government.”

        While the U.S. has certainly done its share of meddling in the world and taken the side of authoritarians when it was deemed prudent, a lot of those excesses have been tamed by both law and a greater awareness of the public. To think that these continue to the extent that is practiced by Saudi Arabia is absurd. Educate yourself on the stuff below the surface of MBS’s “reforms.” Stuff like public executions of dissidents and homosexuals. And Jamal.

  2. Alan: I enjoyed the podcast but was left with a nagging question about the “guaranteed money” of LIV. James indicated that the guaranteed money would be paid regardless of a LIV player’s injury. Somehow, I can’t just buy that premise and wish there was some follow-up. Can you imagine Phil Mickelson telling the Saudis that he has a “groin pull” so he can’t play Bangkok or SA, but he’s sure he’ll be back for Miami. Somehow, I just can’t picture the Saudis allowing players to pick and choose events based on injuries and still get paid. For that matter, if DJ suffered a career ending injury today, do you really think he’s going get his total buy-in payment? Maybe, but I doubt it.

  3. The idea, unchallenged by Mr. Shipnuk, that LIV golfers might have an impact on Saudi human rights policies because two high placed Saudi’s like to hang out at LIV tournaments, lacks all credibility.
    All companies use sports sponsorship as a sports washing enterprise and the Saudi’s are no different. Golfers are paid by their sponsors to associate their skill and personal brand with the sponsor’s brand. The understanding is that golfers will not criticize anything about their sponsor, and they don’t.
    There is a common expression for this; don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
    Mr. Shipnuk should have challenged Mr. Hahn’s assertion that LIV golfers could potentially have an impact on how the Saudi government operates.

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