Fire Drill 041: Center of the Storm with Andy Ogletree

Hosted by Alan Shipnuck and Michael Bamberger

Andy Ogletree has been on a professional odyssey since winning the 2019 U.S. Amateur, including a dalliance with LIV Golf. He speaks out here on his PGA Tour suspension (due to end in Dec.), recent adventures on the Asian tour and his new “optimism” for the future.

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6 thoughts on “Fire Drill 041: Center of the Storm with Andy Ogletree”

  1. Andy Ogletree seems like an amiable guy and a great young golfer who has been stymied by bad luck (covid, hip surgery, elbow injury). I don’t think anyone can blame him for playing LIV’s first event in London, where he finished dead last but made $120,000. That money will finance his quest to qualify for the Korn Ferry and then eventually the PGA Tour. It’s interesting that he’s decided not to join in the lawsuit against the PGA Tour, even though he’s been suspended. This is probably a smart move because if the LIV plaintiffs win, he will benefit without having to put his name and money on the line. He did make a very good point that the developmental PGA tours are not benefitting from the newly found resources that will be focused on the existing name players. The other interesting point he made was that LIV is making an alliance with the Asian Tour. It no doubt will be an important place for LIV golfers to earn ranking points. Finally, the way Andy has been suspended and threatened by the PGA Tour makes me think that LIV has some excellent evidence that the PGA Tour has engaged in some fairly ruthless anti- trust activities. Good luck to Andy, but it’s depressing to hear how such a young talented golfer is suffering from the back and hip injuries that often beset older golfers. Very informative podcast. Thanks.

  2. Great podcast. I hope this story gaines enough traction where people will start asking the tour some questions about it. I would like to hear their argument for. This feels like corporate bullying the lowest person so it scares the rest of institution to fall in line. Then trying to put a muzzle on him so he doesn’t speak out. I hope Andy succeeds in his pro golf career.

  3. yeah. seems like a great kid who was came up at the wrong time, and had bad breaks w/injury. obviously very talented. and yeah, he should be able to play wherever he wants to. But few things:
    1-if it’s blood money for Phil, it’s blood money for everyone…whether you need $ or not. you’re pregnant or not; you can’t be a little bit pregnant.
    2-in not wanting to bad mouth PGA, his talk of “biting my tongue” is in itself bad mouthing tour. “medium is the message”
    PGA does need to focus on KF & PGA Canada. future stars will come from there. in 2-3 years, Bryson, DJ, & Reed will be remembered like Perez was a few months ago.
    hope Andy is reinstated and is able to flourish on tour.

  4. Andy seems like a decent enough guy and I hope he’s able to make a career in the game he loves. That said, no one is entitled to a career in professional golf. It is hard and only the best of the best of the best can and will make it. Just look over the list of US Am champions like Andy and I’d say well over half wound up with no significant professional career. There are plenty of valid criticisms of the PGA Tour, but the fact of the matter is more guys are now able to make a realistic living playing professional golf today than at any time in the game’s history because of the Tour (and Tiger). Of course they can do more and are (slowly) doing more. I don’t blame Andy for cashing a couple of checks that will finance his dream for a few more years, but still the folks signing those checks are making it less likely that potential stars will have the chance to develop, not more likely.

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