Fire Drill 039: Patrick Reed vs. Brandel Chamblee

with Jeffrey Toobin, Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck

In the latest Fire Drill podcast, Alan Shipnuck and Michael Bamberger welcome legal expert Jeffrey Toobin to discuss the Patrick Reed defamation lawsuit (“It’s a joke”), LIV’s anti-trust case (“The PGA Tour will prevail”) and other contentious (and litigious) matters. 

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5 thoughts on “Fire Drill 039: Patrick Reed vs. Brandel Chamblee”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful insights from Jeffrey Toobin. He has a gift for making legal matters understandable to the layperson. I think CNN made a huge mistake letting him go. He points out that the Patrick Reed lawsuit is of two parts. The first part (the part about equating LIV with blood money) I think is the most important. The biggest hinderance to LIV is the blood money argument. Without the moral stigma of signing up with those “scary mofos,” I truly believe almost all of the top 50 golfers in the world would have signed up with LIV months ago. The sports journalism community has been the strongest force in highlighting the atrocities of the Saudi regime (probably because a journalist was one of the Saudis’ victims). You can see the frustration of LIV golfers at press conferences as they bristle at the pesky moral questions that sports reporters pose to them. If only LIV could get golf journalists to cast a blind eye at Saudi atrocities! Well…legal intimidation might do the trick. In this case, Patrick Reed becomes a useful idiot. I truly hope that Brandel, the Golf Channel, and the larger golf journalism community continue to speak out about the moral imperative of resisting “sports washing” and refuse to be intimidated by “joke” litigation. Thanks again, to Mr. Toobin for his insights.

  2. Alan and Michael…congrats for getting great guests. J. Tobin is a great translator of the legal situation. Still hoping for the compromise because it looks like Tiger and Co and just trying to recreate many aspects of LIV. The sadness for us fans is losing key players at the President’s and Ryder cups. These events will really suffer without some “deal.” What happens in the majors remains to be seen. Losing any top players in any of these 4 would lessen that event. BTW…not seeing Phil defend the PGA this May is an example of how an event is diminished.

  3. Can’t believe that y’all put Jeff Toobin on your Podcast…is there no other legal mind available without his unfortunate baggage? For me his recent perversity is not much better than the Saudi’s antics. Puts the Firepit in that nasty swamp of journalistic hypocrisy. I had much higher expectations from the Firepit Collective

  4. The Fire Pit couldn’t get Pee-wee Herman to weigh in with his legal insights, so they had to settle for Jeffrey. Does the Fire Pit believe that this podcast will appeal to the wank and file golf fans?

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