Fire Drill 038: Blood on the Floor

with Michael Bamberger, Geoff Ogilvy and Alan Shipnuck

The golf melodrama took more wild turns as Tiger Woods jetted into Delaware to hold court while Patrick Reed sued Brandel Chamblee and Golf Channel, alleging they are anti-LIV conspirators. Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck try to make sense of it all.

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5 thoughts on “Fire Drill 038: Blood on the Floor”

  1. Jeff O’s perspective seems like the right one. Of course, it is America, and we are tragically polarized. The natural response is to pick a side and demonize the other. The wise (who are conspicuously absent in most of our politicians) always seek compromise and the middle ground; they never wish to exclude, judge, and alienate. The horses of division seem to be out of the barn, and it will take some skill and effort to restart, especially with the entrenched positions and palpable animosity of Norman and Monahan . Thanks, Michael and Alan, for providing this excellent conversation and to Jeff for his excellent perspective. Listening to this helped me to move away from taking sides and to now hoping that some compromise might be struck, although I am not holding my breath on that! Great podcast!

  2. Nice podcast but is it an exercise in fantasy to expect Greg Norman to accept a compromise when his personal fantasy is to create a golf tour of the top 50 golfers in the world and relegate the PGA Tour to a Korn Ferry minor league role? No…this will be a protracted trench warfare of attrition. The PGA Tour has tradition and LIV has money. Will tradition trump money? Golf is the one sport where tradition may actually win. Check back in 3 years and we’ll know the answer.

  3. Agree with Will that Norman Trump would not accept compromise (or defeat). My view is Jay Monahan is already a dead man walking. Camp Ponte Vedra is hidebound with him or without him. Who would make the deal?

    I also think it is far too early to say LIV is going to be around just because of the money and the apparent commitment. The LIV contracts seem (to my non-legal eyes) to have some onerous provisions which will not unfold for a while. Untold, and as yet unknowable political circumstances/complications may also sully the deal. The other Trump’s future is unwritten and I believe he is a key component of this, for the Saudis.
    I do like the concept Geoff spoke of – championship PGA Golf with majors January thru August, and a “silly” or actually creative money-grab in the fall (PGA-LPGA Teams WTF) . But since when have American/International Big Businesses of ANY stripe done something clearly sensible? In sport, the NFL/AFL merger maybe, and that was 50+ years ago. In life, when consolidation occurs, it is always the consolidators who benefit (uh, BIGLY) and the consumers who PAY PAY and PAY.

    Love these podcasts, please keep ’em coming!

  4. Geoff’s response seems a tad idealistic. How to compromise with someone whose response to the hacking apart of a journalist was, “We all make mistakes.” And when the current contracts require that permission is sought, before speaking to the press about anything to do with their organisation.

  5. Alan, love your writing and podcasts, but it sounds more and more like you’re making excuses for LIV. Plain and simple, LIV money is blood money. Doesn’t matter that they’ve contributed $100 million to charity now, it’s still sports-washing. All the morals and values that we’re taught growing up, and hopefully live by (unless you’re a PGA g0lfer), are slowly becoming the exception, than the norm.

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