Fire Drill 010: Show Me The Money

with Mac Barnhardt, Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck

This is a chaotic moment in professional golf. For this Fire Drill podcast, Alan Shipnuck and Michael Bamberger brought in the Jerry Maguire of PGA Tour agents, Mac Barnhardt, to help make sense of the shifting landscape. Mac brought decades’ worth of insight.

3 thoughts on “Show Me The Money”

  1. Phenomenal podcast. Mac Barnhardt provides one of the most insightful and realistic views of professional golf I’ve ever heard. Beyond Tiger, Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth and other marquee stars there’s a whole other universe of golfers struggling to make it in pro golf. Sports agent Barnhardt breaks it down like nobody else has before. Also, Shipnuck and Bamberger ask him some great questions on the LIV Tour and future of the PGA TOUR that Barnhardt answers thoughtfully and honestly. This is an absolute must listen.

  2. Mac is the most caring and insightful person I have worked with and been around. If I were a parent or college coach counseling a player on representation he would be my choice, bar none!!!! There is never a bad day when you’re around Mac. Thank you guys for the great questions and allowing Mac the forum to educate what the professional game is truly about!!!

  3. Terry Hutchens

    I am simply a golf addict – love everything about the game and in many ways golf is reason I am alive today.

    Michael and Alan make that love of mine grow even more in the way they care about the game and present the game with intelligent and inquiring minds.

    This site is fantastic. They are true artists with speech and words. Every thought or sentence they present or write, respectively, makes you want more immediately.

    It’s like watching a streaming presentation with 10 episodes and at the end of every episode no matter how tired you are you can’t stop yourself from starting the next one.

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