Fire Drill 005: Masters Memories

Andy Ogletree and Matt Ginella

When Andy Ogletree won the 2019 U.S. Amateur, his future seemed unlimited. But injuries and the impact of Covid on the pro golf schedule have left him on the outside looking in. Ogletree joins the Fire Drill podcast to relive his Amateur triumph and the tee time at the Masters with Tiger Woods that came with it. He also talks openly about the hard luck that has stalled his pro career and why he is confident he can still become the player he was always supposed to be.

1 thought on “Fire Drill 005: Masters Memories with Andy Ogletree”

  1. Matt
    Loved the Andy Ogletree Masters story!
    The connections to GT and his insights and experiences were unbelievable.
    I have yet to attend the Masters, but I did drive up to the front gate this past summer. I have a daughter also at GT, and I picked her up to take her to our annual beach vacation. Since we were heading through Augusta, I had to stop and drive around the perimeter. My daughter thinks I’m nuts!
    Keep up the great work!
    Brian Kelly

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