Morning Drive

It's the end of the road for Morning Drive

Sad day, to say the least. There were a lot of moments when it mattered. So many segments, guests, features, breakdowns, breaking news, analysis, shenanigans, simulators, shanks, pranks, rundowns and screw ups.

I was on the show for seven years and miss the people, platform and what was possible. Appreciate Molly Solomon, Geoff Russell, Matt Hegarty, AB and so many more who gave so much to make it all possible.

It was a conveyor belt of content. Not many will know what it takes to do that show for so many days in a row. Gary Williams knows. The OG of MD with relentless energy and a true love of the game.

Lauren Thompson knows. Pro’s pro. Never had a bad day, or a bad attitude.

Charlie Rymer knows. Kept everyone laughing. He was and still is my big brother.

Damon Hack knows. Dear friend in the trenches. True journalist. Special soul, big heart and soft touch when it came to the serious stuff.

Can’t thank Tilghman, Lerner, Chamblee and Rolfing enough for their TV swing tips.

Cara, Paige, Cookie, Damron, Tom Abbott, T-Lew, T-Rose, Shack, Sirak, Diaz, DiMarco, Lavner, Bailey, Annika and even Ahmad Rashad for a minute.

MD got me to the UK, Morocco, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Korea, and Canada. I got to chronicle Keisers, Kohlers and Johnny Morris. I was in the dirt with Coore & Crenshaw, Kidd, Hanse, Doak and was afforded so much intimate time with the Dyes.

There were stories on Oakmont’s trees, Pebble’s spirituality, Pinehurst’s restoration, the Grayling High School golf team, the Chambers Bay dream and the Erin Hills nightmare. Ashworth saved Goat, Lion’s Muny is still on life support, while WP9 is just fine.

Remember Design Week? Water Week? The revised rules? I met my wife at the PGA Merchandise Show, got married at Big Cedar Lodge and we had a baby we named Bandon.

I worked in studio AP, sat with Arnold Palmer, and reported live about real life as it relates to the game of golf. Can’t thank you enough for watching, commenting, caring, sharing and supporting what was then, and now what’s next. Yes, Morning Drive is done, but there’s nothing but open road ahead.✌🏼

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