Common Enemy

Nothing Unites Like A Common Enemy

The PGA and European Tours beef up their strategic alliance in their continued attempts to thwart LIV Golf

By Ryan French

The landscape of professional golf continues to shift. On Tuesday morning, the PGA Tour sent the following letter to its membership. Here are the key changes coming to the top levels of professional golf:

– The partnership between the PGA Tour and DP World Tour (formerly known as the European Tour) extended until 2035.

– The PGA Tour increases its ownership stake of the Euro Tour from 15% to 40%.

– The Korn Ferry Tour will return to a calendar year schedule like the PGA Tour beginning in 2023.

– The KFT Finals will now be four events with increased purses and points. These events will be just for KFT members. Thirty PGA Tour cards will be awarded (up from 25) from the final KFT points list.

– The top ten on the Euro Tour’s Race to Dubai points list will be awarded PGA Tour cards.

– The top five (plus ties) at PGA Tour Q-school will now get Tour cards, beginning in 2023.

7 thoughts on “Nothing Unites Like A Common Enemy”

  1. Dear Mr. Monahan: Please explain why investing in the DPWorld Tour, which is sponsored by a company (DP World) that is 100% owned by the United Arab Emirates government, is somehow acceptable to the PGA TOUR, while the LIV Golf tour, sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government, is unacceptable. The human rights records of UAE and Saudi Arabia are remarkably similar. It would also be interesting if a journalist from The Firepit Collective would try to cover this point, or at least explain it, given all the commentary about LIV Golf and the “Saudi money.”

    1. PGA tour doesn’t care where the money is coming from in either case. Their only concern is keeping the status quo of their monopoly on professional golfers.

    2. Not Jay Monahan

      Dear Mr. Dave: Please explain why you are asking Mr. Monahan questions on a website he has no ownership in and will never see? I believe this is just an attempt by you for attention.

      1. Dear Not Jay Monahan: I am simply hoping that the journalists at The Fire Pit Collective, who played a rather prominent role in using Mr. Mickelson’s comments to put LIV Golf into National media coverage might see my comment, and use their skills to advance the public discussion. In my view, there is an initial bias to support the PGA Tour and condemn LIV Golf. I would like to see deeper coverage of the rationale, and see challenging questions for the PGA Tour. I am quite open minded about my golf entertainment providers, but I am quite critical about hypocrites. The criticism of the Saudi money while jumping into a deeper relationship with DPWorld looks like it could be hypocritical, but I would like those with access and time to find some more facts before I draw further conclusions. So, that is the “attention” I am trying to get.

        1. There is definitely plenty of hypocrisy to go around. JM is worried for the decrease of viewership, and the watered down version of the Tour. Alas, what Garrigus said is right: more slots will open up and the next Mickelson might just appear.

          The LIV phenomenon isn’t that interesting to me. The team aspect is interesting to a lot of people however, and the PGA Tour should take heed.

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