The Club Pro Crisis – Part 1: Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

Hosted by Matt Ginella

In this first of several podcasts on what many consider a “club pro crisis,” we talk to current and former PGA Professionals and various industry leaders as they help us understand how the job has evolved and why it’s so hard to find and keep talented pros. The idea for this podcast began when the host, Matt Ginella, made an uniformed comment on a podcast last fall, and many voices spoke up  to educate him. Throughout this series, you’ll hear from Butch Harmon, PGA of America leaders Seth Waugh and Suzy Whaley, writer Shane Ryan and various club pros who offer thoughtful and constructive perspectives on the past, present and future of a profession that is on the ropes.

Listen to this Fire Drill and other Fire Pit Podcasts:

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