Billy Walters: Inside Phil Mickelson’s Gambling Escapades

Billy Walters is a Las Vegas legend, widely believed to be the most successful sports gambler ever. No wonder Phil Mickelson sought him out for guidance. Walters and Mickelson became golf buddies and betting partners, but their friendship was destroyed when both were ensnared in an insider trading scandal. Walters went to jail and Mickelson skated, and ever since word leaked that Billy was writing his autobiography, the golf world has speculated as to how he would settle the score. In the first, exclusive excerpt from Gambler, Walters reveals the staggering scale of Mickelson’s sports betting and a phone call from the 2012 Ryder Cup that speaks to Phil’s recklessness.

Excerpt from Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk

In the first excerpt from his autobiography, the author has the receipts on Lefty’s staggering sports betting losses and he details a risky phone call from Mickelson at the Ryder Cup that evoked Pete Rose.

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In this Fire Drill podcast, Alan Shipnuck and Matt Ginella go deep on the first, hotly anticipated excerpt from Billy Walters’s “Gambler.” What do the revelations of Phil’s reckless betting say about him? Has his legacy been altered?

The Story Behind Phil Mickelson’s Call to Billy Walters

The co-author of “Gambler” sets the record straight.

How Phil Betrayed Billy: Legal Maneuvering and a Friendship Destroyed

In an excerpt from his autobiography, the author details how Mickelson escaped two perilous legal cases and reveals the awkward end to their close relationship.

Fire Drill 090: “Gambler” – The Story Behind the Story

In this Fire Drill podcast, Alan Shipnuck speaks with Armen Keteyian, the co-writer of Billy Walters’s “Gambler.” They discuss the craft of telling other people’s story, fact-checking Walters’s tales and Armen’s thoughts on Phil.