Matt Ginella

Matt Ginella has been covering golf for 25 years. First at Sports Illustrated, then Golf Digest and Golf World magazines and most recently for Golf Channel, where he appeared as the Travel Insider for “Morning Drive” and wrote for Golf

Sage Springer

Against Overwhelming Odds – PODCAST

So, by now, if you’re listening to this particular podcast, I’m going to assume you’ve either read or watched the Hayden Springer story. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you read the story and then watch the story.

So, with that, I recently spoke to French and Van Hook about how they reported their stories and asked that they share their perspectives on why this story matters to them.

Phil Michelson PGA Championship

Phil Mickelson

Recent reports that the Premier Golf League is back from the dead has led to renewed rumblings that professional golf is facing a new world order, fueled by Saudi Arabian money. In fact, the situation is more nuanced. The PGL is still actively trying to create a viable competitor to the PGA and European Tours but it is not staked by Saudi money, as is widely believed.

Arnold Palmer Hickok Belt

“By the way, Roger…” Arnold Palmer tells his Maris story

“We were grown-up kids!”

That’s the way Gary Williams described the feeling we all had as Williams, Damon Hack and I had the opportunity to visit Arnold Palmer in LaTrobe a few months before he died.

It was U.S. Open week in 2016, the tournament was being played at Oakmont, Palmer’s backyard, but due to health concerns, The King wouldn’t be making the trip from LaTrobe.

Holy Waters of Au Sable

With the additions of unique golf, a short course, lodging and other amenities, Forest Dunes has quickly emerged as one of the top destinations in the country. But what most golfers don’t realize, is the resort’s proximity to one of the best fishing “holes” in the world.

Mike, Mick, Mike Peters

Bandon’s Barber Goes First

“I just couldn’t believe that I was going to be first one on a fantastic course like Bandon Dunes.” So says Mick Peters, who, in his own words, is “a pretty average guy.”

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